I wanted to make a new layout entierly haha. I really like how it looks so far!


I forgot to write this update, but I finally figured out how to code a really good dark mode! I'm going to update my resources for a good tutorial to use. I need to update the colours, but I really like what I have so far!


I've updated the Home page with more CSS, and have branded my website! Thank you r/neocities for the help! I'm going to look at how to make the website responsive, and add some Javascript into it too!


Added some CSS!


Finally filling in the skeleton of my website! I just know the CSS is going to be annoying lol


Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my little slice of the Internet! You can call me Dan, Hana, or Cakie!

This website is a collection of my favourite things! I’m very passionate in both web development and video games, and I love to create things in my free time! I also collect a lot of resources where other people can use here, so feel free to browse at your heart’s content!

This website is relatively SFW, but has affiliates and other websites that are less so. I’ll mark them where possible, but like always - take care when browsing the internet!


I'm still figuring stuff out, but I made some blinkies for myself! I'll move these to their own page at a later date. Probably tomorrow.